A job fair is an exposition for employers, recruiters and schools to meet with concerned job seekers. Job fairs are good places to meet many company representatives from corporations of all industries and sizes during a short period of time. Job fair networking can be generally described as the process of interacting with, obtaining contact details, and getting to know corporate recruiters. This recruitment process involves 3 or 4 rounds of interviews and a final one at the Recruiter's office. The main drawback of this process is Cost management. Both for Recruiters as well as Job seekers. Recruiters need to send their representatives to the location and lots of paper works which is not an economical way. Similarly Job Seekers need to travel hard to the interview spots, waiting in queues, lots of paper work and some other problems. To overcome all these issues THE MEGA JOB FAIR comes in place with a better solution.


We are Snerzy organization with over 9 man years of experience in employment & employability projects across the country, We organise jobfairs, placement drives, skill development training, campus recruitment, campus drives. We are one of the best organisations with experience to have conducted more than 70 jobfairs in India. More than 40000 candidates placed in the jobfairs conducted by Us. You can see some of them in PAST PLACEMENTS section. As we know the flaws and few disadvantages in these process we step ahead to the future of Jobfairs for the benefit of both Employers and Job Seekers. We come up with the solution "THE MEGA JOB FAIR".

How "THE MEGA JOB FAIR" is Unique?

As per Our Honorable Prime Minister Nanerdra Modi's Digital India Campaign, every service to Indian citizen is becoming Digitized. So, We started the Online Jobfair process 'THE MEGA JOB FAIR" which is also supported by our Clients. In this Online Jobfair process our Organization will conduct an Online written Exam (2 attempts) and a Second round of interview as per the client's requirement(Telephonic/ at our office/ Skype). The final interview will be at the Employer's location.  After the final round Short-listed candidates will be placed as Permanent/ Contract employees based on the Company's requirement. Candidates can write online exam from any part of India. Most of this recruitment process is online which economical and cost effective for both Job Seekers and Employers. So we are Unique.

How This Online Written Test Helps?

Our organizing team will partition the candidates based on the performance in the Online written Exam. Each and every employer will set their own cut off marks to make the candidate qualify for the next round. Based on the cut off marks and Educational performance the candidates will be selected for the next process of Interview.

Written Exam Syllabus And Preparation

We will support our Registered candidates with Syllabus, Sample Questions and Preparation materials. Candidates can download them from our NOTIFICATIONS section. Candidate should refer them for understanding the question paper standard and topics.

Our Goal...

Our Vision We recognise and foster talent – it is not only our business, it is our core value. Managing talent for others has taught us to be proud of and appreciate our team, across functionalities. We nurture and appreciate passion, responsiveness and commitment to clients. With these values, our people have created our network of clients and partners who look up to us with faith – Faith that promises to deliver, always. Our Mission We adopt constructive approach & specialised methods to meet the human resource requirements of our clients. Our professionals have global linkage as a result they understand each & every aspect related to business & industry, we make sure that Right candidate for Right Job.