Past Placements

Placements & Events 

Few of our Successful Candidates and Jobfairs Conducted

Industry wise placement details: 

Sector No. of Placements
Advertising & Media 252
Biotech 205
Automation 755
Automobile 855
Banking & Finance 980
Consultancy & Services 1880
Consumer Durables 620
Education 552
Financial Services 585
FMCG 220
Healthcare 248
Sector No. of Placements
Hospitality 343
Infrastructure 720
Insurance 824
IT & ITES 6102
Logistics & Supply Chain 279
Manufacturing 780
Niche Services 549
Pharmaceuticals 217
Real estate 252
Retail 555
Telecom 2043
BPO 3270

Few Company wise placement details:

Name of the Organization Salary Per Annum (Rs. In Lakhs) Placements Name of the Organization Salary Per Annum (Rs. In Lakhs) Placements
Orient Cements 4.0 41 PEGA Systems 8.13 6
GE India Technology 5.8 31 Next Education Solutions 5.0 13
Dr.Reddy's Labs 4.0 22 Wells Fargo  5.5 44
Technoforce Solutions Pvt Ltd 4.5 24 ITC 8.2 4
Infor  3.4 22 NCR Corporation  5.5 14
Aurobindo Pharma (Mechanical) 3.6 22 Cognizant 3.5 55
Commscope Internship 2.8 9 Capgemini 2.2 74
Genpact 7 9 Biological E. Limited 1.5 56
Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd 5.5 23 INSPIRAGE 4.5 12
Samsung 7.5 52 Value Labs 2.7 21
Pernod -Ricard India Pvt Ltd 4.0 22 Factset  6.5 14
Kent RO Systems Ltd. 4.2 33 Oracle 7.5 21
Aurobindo Pharma (Chemical) 3.6 41 Heterodrugs (MBA) 2.4 41
Bonaven Software Pvt.Ltd 4.0 45 HUAWEI 7.4 62
Infosys 3.28 39 Mobis Technical Center of India 4.97 29
Infosys Pega Drive 4.45 22 Hexagon Center India Pvt Ltd 4.85 11
Wipro  3.3 71 Verity Knowledge Solutions 3.5 24
DELOITTE TAX (MBA) 6.2 26 Karvy Stock Broking Ltd   (MBA) 6 18
Accenture 3.5 66 AMAZON  2.9 44
PERVACIO 12 5 JustDial (MBA) 3.12 86
ZENSAR Pega Drive 5 17 Bank of America 4.0 11
HYUNDAI 3.5 22 Dr.Reddy's Labs 6.5 3
Capgemini 3.5 41 HIL Limited 4.5 13
TCS Pega Drive 4.5 33 GE Corporation Consultant Internship M.E 3.3 32
iBgroup (Pooled) 18 1 HIL Limited 4.5 17
CA Technology 6 4 GE Appliances, Haier, non-GE 6.4 11
ELEATION Academy 5.5 33 UBER 3.7 27
Franklin Templeton (MBA) 3.45 51 ServiceNow 9.8 3
Virtusa Polaris with Pega 4 19 ICICI MBA 3.0 78

Few of Our Candidates placed this year

Candidate Name Company Name Location
Ankit Kumar Singh Accenture Pune
Athira Manikandan Accenture Bangalore
Sagar Regmi Accenture Chennai
Pritesh Kumar Accenture Ahmedabad
Priyanshu Kumar Accenture Noida
Prashant Kumar Accenture Kolkata
Tisha Biswas Accenture Hyderabad
Payal Jha Accenture Noida
Mansi Kaustubh Wad Accenture Gurgaon
Atul Singh Chail Accenture Bangalore
Ganga Kumari Accenture Mumbai
Raveena B Accenture Ahmedabad
Karthik C.Vinod Accenture Gurgaon
Sanjay Mohan Airtel Bangalore
A.N Upadhyay Airtel Noida
K.C Patel Airtel Pune
Shiv Shankar Prasad Airtel Chennai
Markandey Patel Airtel Ahmedabad
Aman Kr. Upadhyay Airtel Ahmedabad
Alok Shukla Airtel Noida
Karamvir Singh Airtel Mumbai
Manjesh Kumar Airtel Gurgaon
Dev Singh Airtel Kolkata
Ram Saroj Gupta Airtel Mumbai
M. Deka Airtel Hyderabad
M. Balaji Airtel Bangalore
Kanhaiya Airtel Hyderabad
Sanjeevi A Airtel Gurgaon
Brajesh Kumar Singh Airtel Ahmedabad
S.K Choudhary Airtel Kolkata
Rattan Lal Airtel Pune
Rajvir Singh Airtel Chennai
Ashok Kumar Das Altran Tech Noida
M.K Solanki Altran Tech Chennai
Govind Singh Altran Tech Ahmedabad
Sanjeev Kumar Singh Altran Tech Gurgaon
Prince Altran Tech Bangalore
P.K. Lal Altran Tech Hyderabad
Rajkishore Yadav Altran Tech Bangalore
Anand Kumar Tiwari Altran Tech Kolkata
Ashok Kumar Das Altran Tech Mumbai
Harkesh Yadav Altran Tech Pune
Simakshi Aranhara Amazon Ahmedabad
Harshdeep Amazon Gurgaon
Vignesh K. Amazon Chennai
C. Barath Amazon Pune
Chandaka Chandhu Amazon Chennai
Kritika Joshi Amazon Noida
Vaishnavi Sisodia Amazon Mumbai
Minal Singh Parchar Amazon Bangalore
Divya Singh Auropharma Bangalore
Sandeep Choudhary Auropharma Kolkata
Harsh Vashist Auropharma Chennai
Jaishree Auropharma Hyderabad
Manshi Patel Auropharma Pune
Aditi Kumari Auropharma Ahmedabad
Ravina Coginzant Gurgaon
Nishant Seth Coginzant Pune
Lakshmi Pradeep Coginzant Mumbai
Kunal Coginzant Mumbai
J. Jeeva Jothi Coginzant Bangalore
Upasana Rath Coginzant Pune
Hitesh Choudhary Coginzant Mumbai
Harsh Kumar Coginzant Noida
Anagha G.L Coginzant Chennai
Arjun Kumar Coginzant Ahmedabad
Amandeep Singh Coginzant Hyderabad
Rishita Mandal Coginzant Noida
Harsh Kumar Coginzant Kolkata
Bharat Singh Cyient Ahmedabad
Surender Singh Cyient Gurgaon
Rakesh Kumar Cyient Pune
Sadgir Dadaji Cyient Mumbai
R.K Singh Cyient Hyderabad
P.K. Biswas Cyient Noida
Narayan Singh Cyient Hyderabad
Ashok Kumar Mishra Cyient Pune
Nantha Kumar C. Cyient Bangalore
O.P. Tiwari Cyient Mumbai
Ganesh D. Koli Cyient Chennai
Pradeep Kumar Cyient Noida
Ram Niwas Cyient Ahmedabad
M.R Babu Cyient Kolkata
C.S. Yadav Cyient Chennai
Babar T.S. Cyient Kolkata
Amit Singh Cyient Hyderabad
Y A Naidu Delloite Pune
Arvind Kumar Delloite Hyderabad
R.K Jakhar Delloite Ahmedabad
Ajay Kumar Jaiswal Delloite Noida
Jai Kumar Delloite Kolkata
J.S Yadav Delloite Bangalore
O.P Tiwari Delloite Mumbai
R.K Singh Delloite Noida
Yaswant singh Delloite Chennai
Jaya Prakash M.P Delloite Gurgaon
Rajeevan K Delloite Kolkata
Neeraj Kumar Rohal Delloite Mumbai
C.S Rao Delloite Kolkata
B.C.Ghosh Delloite Pune
Ramtor Delloite Chennai
Bacchan Delloite Gurgaon
Arvind Kumar Bharti Delloite Bangalore
Dulkare PK E-infochips Gurgaon
Jag Mohan Tiwari E-infochips Noida
Sunil Kumar E-infochips Bangalore
B.K Nirala E-infochips Pune
Dhanush E-infochips Gurgaon
Dinesh Kumar E-infochips Mumbai
Manoj Kumar E-infochips Chennai
Y.K Sharma E-infochips Kolkata
Rakesh Kumar Elico Kolkata
Mohtseem Elico Chennai
Pravesh Kumar Elico Hyderabad
Surender Singh Elico Kolkata
Jagdish Bhai Elico Hyderabad
Ajit Singh Elico Pune
Ratnesh Mishap Elico Chennai
Anil Kumar Shaw Elico Noida
Gangadhar Elico Ahmedabad
Gangadhar Elico Gurgaon
Prahlad Singh Elico Mumbai
B. Adinarayana Elico Pune
S.N Baral Elico Bangalore
Lalita Kumari Elico Chennai
Pingle TK Elico Ahmedabad
R.B Rai Espire Infolabs Bangalore
Alak Bera Espire Infolabs Gurgaon
R.K. Mahato Espire Infolabs Hyderabad
T.M Santosh Kumar Espire Infolabs Mumbai
Subhash Rai Espire Infolabs Ahmedabad
Basker Espire Infolabs Ahmedabad
R.M Pal Espire Infolabs Hyderabad
Baburam Mehto Espire Infolabs Kolkata
Gourahari Biswal Espire Infolabs Gurgaon
Virender Pandey Espire Infolabs Noida
Deepak Kumar Espire Infolabs Pune
Ratan Singh Espire Infolabs Chennai
Nikhil T Patil Espire Infolabs Noida
Dilip Kumar Fullerton Noida
P.K Vinod Fullerton Gurgaon
Tara Nath Fullerton Chennai
T. Manikandan Fullerton Bangalore
B.R Pillai Fullerton Ahmedabad
S.P Singh Fullerton Pune
Piyush Kr. Saluja Fullerton Hyderabad
H.N.P singh Fullerton Ahmedabad
Tapan Biswas Fullerton Hyderabad
K.P Wad Fullerton Gurgaon
Rajesh Kumar Fullerton Kolkata
K. Pradeep Kumar Fullerton Mumbai
Sujoy Mandal Fullerton Noida
Rattan Lal Fullerton Bangalore
Gian chand Fullerton Hyderabad
M.K Singh Hinduja Bangalore
Yogesh Kumar Joshi Hinduja Noida
Sushil Kumar Sharma Hinduja Pune
S.N Chandaka Hinduja Chennai
Triparti Jitendra Kumar Hinduja Kolkata
Hav. Fakir Chand Hinduja Bangalore
Bhola Bhattacharjee Hinduja Hyderabad
Ankit Kumar Hinduja Mumbai
R.S Shekhawat Hinduja Chennai
A.K.Singh Hinduja Mumbai
G.S Sisodia Hinduja Mumbai
C. Chandran Hinduja Pune
Sanjib Aranhara Hinduja Ahmedabad
Parvinder Singh Hinduja Gurgaon
Shekhar Adhikary Hinduja Noida
Mitul Rohal Hundai Mumbai
Chintada Vastanavi Kalyani Hundai Kolkata
Nitesh Kumar Hundai Chennai
Avinash sharma Hundai Hyderabad
Vignesh K. Hundai Bangalore
Y.Kusuma Hundai Pune
Prince IBM Bangalore
Sanju Kumari IBM Noida
Punam Yadav IBM Bangalore
Kaushal Kishore Kumar IBM Pune
Sakshi IBM Noida
Tarun Kumar Das IBM Noida
Puja IBM Ahmedabad
Akshay Sharma IBM Kolkata
Sumit Lal IBM Hyderabad
Prateek Singh IBM Gurgaon
Shivani Yadav IBM Chennai
Mansi IBM Mumbai
Shivam Pradeep Dukare IBM Gurgaon
Neha Singh Yadav ICICI Bangalore
Bandana Rawat ICICI Chennai
Nandita Ghosh ICICI Pune
Hitesh Kumar ICICI Ahmedabad
Anamika ICICI Mumbai
Athul Prakash M.J ICICI Gurgaon
Kanchan ICICI Noida
Lakshmi Keerthana ICICI Gurgaon
Anurag singh chauhan ICICI Hyderabad
Aromal Rajeevan ICICI Kolkata
Ananad Kumar Jaiswal ICICI Noida
Tapan Kr. Das Infosys Mumbai
Ambrish Solanki Infosys Chennai
Ridhi Mohini Tiwari Infosys Kolkata
Aryan Rai Infosys Bangalore
S. Sadika Infosys Mumbai
Hrithik Pal Infosys Hyderabad
Nisha Pandey Infosys Noida
Alok Kumar Yadav Infosys Pune
Ankita Mohanty Infosys Mumbai
Isha Tyagi Infosys Pune
Saurabh Rai Infosys Ahmedabad
Jasmita Biswal Infosys Gurgaon
Reteka Shaw Justdail Noida
Rekha Justdail Ahmedabad
Abhishek Justdail Ahmedabad
Anju Bharti Justdail Bangalore
Aryan Yadav Justdail Kolkata
Tanish Kr. Baral Justdail Bangalore
Anuj Kumar Justdail Chennai
Dhiraj Gangadhar Phatke Justdail Ahmedabad
Dhananjay Yadav Justdail Hyderabad
Dhruv Gangadhar Phatke Justdail Gurgaon
Khilesh Singh Justdail Mumbai
Mandeep Singh Tanwar Justdail Pune
Ankit kumar Justdail Gurgaon
Kinjalban Jagdish Bhai Sonara Justdail Hyderabad
Asit Kumar Datta LG Ahmedabad
R.K Sharma LG Kolkata
Jadhav S.P LG Ahmedabad
Ashish Kr. Mishra LG Pune
Nand Ram Sharma LG Gurgaon
Gurdarshan Singh LG Bangalore
Khusal Singh LG Mumbai
Sanjay Kumar LG Hyderabad
Virender Kumar LG Pune
Manoranjan Singh LG Noida
Ram Kumar LG Noida
Pravesh Kumar LG Bangalore
Abhay Singh LG Kolkata
Satya Narayan Sahoo LG Mumbai
Bhabesh Sharma LG Chennai
Mariganka Singha LG Hyderabad
R. Rosanglianai LG Gurgaon
Karthik Mindtree Mumbai
Ankit Kumar Gupta Mindtree Mumbai
Binita Rawat Mindtree Kolkata
Gungun Deka Mindtree Hyderabad
Abhilasha Mindtree Pune
Ujjwal Shukla Mindtree Noida
Aman Verma Mindtree Chennai
Nandan Prasad Mindtree Gurgaon
Siddharatha Patel Mindtree Ahmedabad
Aman Kr. Upadhyay Mindtree Noida
Mundluru Deeksha Mindtree Bangalore
Dhanush Mindtree Gurgaon
Pragya Rana Mindtree Bangalore
Prahlad Meena Murugappa Group Noida
Solanki Murugappa Group Gurgaon
Khushal Kumar Murugappa Group Ahmedabad
Gauri Yadav Oracle Bangalore
Naina Jarial Oracle Pune
Bitra Swathi Oracle Pune
Rohan Sharma Oracle Chennai
R. Lalrawngbawli Oracle Gurgaon
Nitesh Pal Oracle Hyderabad
Simran Sahoo Oracle Mumbai
Modh. Yasir Oracle Chennai
Hitesh Choudhary Oracle Hyderabad
Mohit Kumar Singh Oracle Noida
Sakshi Santosh Oracle Ahmedabad
Ansh Oracle Kolkata
Rishika Simran Orient Pune
Sadgir Vivek Orient Mumbai
M. Lavanya Orient Kolkata
Varsha Shankar Orient Ahmedabad
Amlendu Kumar Orient Gurgaon
Mehul G. Koli Orient Chennai
Amit Singh Orient Ahmedabad
Kanchan Orient Hyderabad
Bhawana PEGA Systems Noida
Mohit Singh PEGA Systems Kolkata
Gurwinder Singh Doel PEGA Systems Bangalore
Aditya Sharma PEGA Systems Gurgaon
Tanuja Bohra PEGA Systems Mumbai
Mounodeep Singha PEGA Systems Hyderabad
Anwesha Datta PEGA Systems Ahmedabad
Payal Jha PEGA Systems Kolkata
Gojendra C.H Baro Poineer Pune
P.C Khawlhmingliana Poineer Chennai
Ansai Basumatary Poineer Mumbai
P.L Meena Poineer Kolkata
Sanjeev Kumar Poineer Gurgaon
Ashok Kr. Mishra Polaris Pune
Sanjay Mohan Polaris Kolkata
Ghewar Ram Polaris Mumbai
Sanjeevi A. Polaris Gurgaon
Suresh Kumar Polaris Ahmedabad
Tulchha Ram Polaris Chennai
Sanjay Polaris Bangalore
Babar T.S Polaris Noida
Bharat Singh Polaris Hyderabad
Pradeep Kumar Polaris Chennai
Dal Chand Polaris Kolkata
Pragya Rana Polaris Kolkata
Balwan Singh Polaris Pune
Sunil Kumar Polaris Bangalore
Nakshtra Balee Polaris Gurgaon
Bacchan Polaris Mumbai
A.N Upadhyay Polaris Ahmedabad
A.K Saluja Polaris Hyderabad
Rajiv Samsung Chennai
Santosh Kr. Nayak Samsung Hyderabad
Ramesh Samsung Gurgaon
Rajender Prasad Samsung Mumbai
Madan Lal Samsung Pune
Rajesh Kumar Samsung Kolkata
Chote Lal Samsung Kolkata
G.S Gopakumar Samsung Chennai
D.R Hajohg Samsung Ahmedabad
B.B Rath Samsung Pune
Deepak Kumar Samsung Noida
K. Jayavelu Samsung Bangalore
Kuldeep Singh Samsung Hyderabad
Sunil Kumar Samsung Ahmedabad
Ashish Kumar Mishra TCS Pune
Aditya Negi TCS Gurgaon
Anamika TCS Mumbai
Kajal TCS Chennai
Ansh TCS Bangalore
Nikhil T. Patil TCS Kolkata
Subha Prokash Biswas TCS Noida
N. Karnika TCS Bangalore
Mohit Yadav TCS Ahmedabad
Abhishek TCS Noida
Rahul Kanyal TCS Hyderabad
Lalita kumari TCS Hyderabad
Kanhaiya Mahto TechMahindra Hyderabad
Anjali TechMahindra Kolkata
Janvi TechMahindra Kolkata
Shristi Singh TechMahindra Mumbai
Bhawana TechMahindra Chennai
Swapnanil Adhikary TechMahindra Noida
Anwesha Bera TechMahindra Gurgaon
Simran TechMahindra Bangalore
Navanesh Basker TechMahindra Ahmedabad
Lakshmi Keerthana TechMahindra Pune
Aindrila Bhattacharjee TechMahindra Hyderabad
Dhruv Sharma TechMahindra Pune
Pooja Shekhawat TechMahindra Chennai
M.K Jha Wells Fargo Kolkata
R. Kumaran Wells Fargo Bangalore
Ghewar Ram Wells Fargo Hyderabad
S. Ramakrishnan Wells Fargo Gurgaon
Abhishek Wells Fargo Chennai
M.K Jha Wells Fargo Noida
Balwan Singh Wells Fargo Ahmedabad
Paras Rameshwar Wipro Bangalore
D.V Shankar Wipro Ahmedabad
Abhirur Basumatary Wipro Mumbai
Vikash Wipro Noida
Rekha Wipro Pune
S. Ramakrishnan Wipro Pune
R. Prasad Wipro Gurgaon
R. Kumaran Wipro Chennai
Pradeep Mohanty Wipro Mumbai
Yash Kumar Wipro Chennai
Sonu Wipro Gurgaon
Mansi Nayak Wipro Hyderabad
Mange Ram Wipro Bangalore
Supril Kumar Wipro Ahmedabad
Laxmi Baro Wipro Pune
Karan Wipro Kolkata
Esther Lalruatdiki Wipro Chennai
Tulchha Ram Wipro Hyderabad
Devender Singh Wipro Noida
Yogyata Bhaskar Meena Wipro Kolkata